proof of concept trials

ARENSIA delivers high degree of scientific and logistical expertise for Phase I/Ib/IIa and PROOF OF CONCEPT patient studies.



phase i special populations

ARENSIA offers exceptional fast recruitment rates for renal and hepatic impaired patients.



regulatory process

ARENSIA has the know-how to successfully manage the regulatory process in various Eastern European countries.



The healthcare system in Eastern Europe is highly centralised with well-documented patient files. Ensuring there is a well organised networking; with an in-depth understanding of the local healthcare systems in the countries where our units reside is a key factor for rapid recruitment.

At our Exploratory Medicine Units we recruit patients through the following channels:

  • Hospital Patient databases where our units reside
  • Daily New Patients seen by our Investigators
  • Direct Patient Referrals from a network of collaborating physicians based in hospitals and clinics (radius of up to 200 km)

Each ARENSIA unit has a dedicated team of recruitment managers, overseeing a large network of collaborating physicians.

The success of our recruitment is guaranteed due to our long-standing established relationships with selected collaborating physicians. Our network is continuously expanding allowing ARENSIA to increase the range of our therapeutic area portfolio.  Additional areas include; immunology, oncology, cardiovascular, metabolic, respiratory, GI, dermatology, nephrology, viral diseases, hepatology, and neurology.   ARENSIA is able to deliver exceptionally rapid industry leading recruitment rates that include biological/treatment naïve patients.

The basis for reliable recruitment commitments at ARENSIA originates from a very thorough feasibility process. This process is performed by a detailed analysis of the available patient pools by our own dedicated medical teams that work closely with the network of collaborating physicians. For each trial, ARENSIA establishes a tailor-made recruitment strategy that depends on the required patient profile and design of the trial. This ensures that every trial is performed within the timelines initially estimated and agreed upon with the client.

Healthy volunteers (as control groups to Phase I studies in renal/hepatic impaired patients) are identified usually through a small direct subject outreach.

Based on specific in/exclusion criteria, we are glad to offer our clients reliable estimates on recruitment rates. These recruitment rates are further analysed to create the most optimal strategy to complete a given study in a very timely safe manner, whilst using the most appropriate unit or combination of units.

ARENSIA rejects a study if our feasibility deems the trial design too complex or we cannot effectively recruit the desired patient population at our sites. ARENSIA's reputation is based on reliability. We give realistic projections that we pride on fulfilling.