UPDATES: ARENSIA Research Clinic, Kyiv, Ukraine

UPDATES: ARENSIA Research Clinic, Kyiv, Ukraine

Today, ARENSIA research clinic in Kyiv, Ukraine has screened its first patient since the Russian aggression on Feb 24, 2022!

The Sponsor, a US based biopharmaceutical company has proven its committment to Ukraine by enabling our patients the access to their Phase 2a trial with a novel molecule in fighting Ulcerative Colitis.

We are very proud of our extraordinary Ukrainian team, who incredibly, since Feb 24 has not stopped even for a single day!, keeping ARENSIA Kyiv clinic operational at all times through their exceptional dedication!
This made possible uninterrupted patient care/visits in all clinical trials running in ARENSIA Kyiv Clinics.
We are very thankful to Ukrainian authorities, who during these months have never stopped working and supporting clinical research with guidance and amazingly, on-time study approvals!

Already since several months, all local vendors in Kyiv function as usual, a.o. local labs, imaging centres, couriers ensuring study supplies / samples / medication entering and exiting the country on time!

We are happy to experience Sponsors ready to re-start their activities in Ukraine! It is an enormous support to the righteous resistance of the Ukrainian people, for which we are very thankful! More than anything else, restarting clinical studies offer patients in need access to novel medication - it is our daily experience that MANY patients across various disease areas are reaching out to us asking for possibilities to join clinical trials!

ARENSIA is fully committed to Ukraine, incredibly proud of our Kyiv team and ready to support science with all our renowned energy and dedication as always!