Fast patient
Proof of concept trials


proof of concept trials

ARENSIA delivers high degree of scientific and logistical expertise for Phase I/Ib/IIa and PROOF OF CONCEPT patient studies.



phase i special populations

ARENSIA offers exceptional fast recruitment rates for renal and hepatic impaired patients.



regulatory process

ARENSIA has the know-how to successfully manage the regulatory process in various Eastern European countries.


World Health Day 2020


Our world changes daily in fascinating, unpredictable, positive or even dangerous ways, but it is always challenging. The COVID 19 pandemic will definitely change the way we approach health, safety and economic fragility for many years to come. By sustaining social distancing we stay united in the battle against a threat that is no longer imminent, but real. It is affecting all of us and unfortunately taking thousands of lives. 

Today is World Health Day, and together we honor the sacrifice and dedication of all the medical professionals, who keep us healthy to sustain our way of life. 

The medical profession has many aspects, one of them being the development of new drugs. On World Health Day, we also honor the Clinical Research industry encompassing all the investigators, nurses, project managers, site managers, CRAs and the entire clinical research staff. Due to their hard work and spirit people have eliminated a number of medical conditions that have tormented us in the past.  

More than ever, people are looking at companies and professionals like us who dedicate our expertise in the development of drugs. They are hopeful, and trusting us to win the battle against this new threat and get our lives back to normality.

Despite the fight against this new challenge, we are still continuing our battle against the known historical challenges that millions face on a daily basis. 

The latest WHO guidelines regarding the continuation of general medical care present a reminder that medical care and drug development must continue. In the same light, the FDA and EMA have provided guidance to keep Clinical Research going!  We have a collective responsibility to keep the ever increasing clinical research ongoing, without compromising the safety and well-being of patients.

The team of ARENSIA Clinics for Exploratory Medicine is proud to be there for you, patients, sponsors and authorities. The fight for a better future will not stop, and neither will we.

World Health Day 2020 is special. 
Today, all of us stand and fight as one, and every victory counts.
Beyond all existing uncertainty, beyond all doubts, fears and anxiety – we, the human race, know one thing for sure: our determination will help us overcome anything. We will go on!
Stay strong, stay healthy! 
Keep calm, but keep moving!


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