Phase 1 / 1b / 2a

ARENSIA delivers high degree of scientific and logistical expertise for Phase 1/1b/2a and PROOF OF CONCEPT patient studies:

  • First-into-Patients SAD/MAD adaptive design
    Safety, Efficacy, dose finding
  • Bioequivalence
  • Drug-drug-interaction
  • Phase 1 PK in Renal & Hepatic Impairment (all stages) vs. matching healthy

All Phase 1-type medical activities are performed by a dedicated team: study research physicians, nurses, pharmacist, site/project manager, recruitment manager, other specialists (according to the specific requirements of each study). Our study research physicians are highly qualified and have the ability to handle complex PK/PD schedules.

PK sampling is performed in our dedicated study wards/ intensive surveillance beds. PK and other samples are stored at a secure location according to study requirements. Samples can be stored at minus 20°C or minus 80°C and can be shipped using IATA certified packaging materials to any location in Western Europe or North America by internationally accepted courier services.
Our medical team has broad experience to work with several Electronic Data Capture systems, as provided by sponsors.


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