Innovation and Efficiency in Early Clinical Trials

The pharmaceutical companies are eager to obtain maximum information from fewer clinical trials at early stage. This enables quicker “go/no-go” decision for the development strategy of a given compound.

The landscape of early clinical development has dramatically changed over the last years. The amount of Phase 1 studies in healthy volunteers has decreased, being replaced by Phase 1b/2a studies in patients.

The need for patients in Phase 1 and 2 exploratory trials is posing a great challenge to Sponsors, due to slow recruitment.
To fulfill industry needs, ARENSIA has build up its own network of 8 state-of-the-art Phase 1 units located across prestigious University Hospitals in Eastern Europe: Romania, Moldova and Georgia.


  • ARENSIA is focused entirely on early patient studies - only enrolling healthy volunteers as matching to patients
  • Performance of sophisticated Phase 1b / 2a / POC patient protocols
  • Recruitment at extraordinary speed
  • Own network of modern, dedicated Phase I units
  • Corporate SOP system followed by all ARENSIA locations / clinics
  • Principal Investigators belonging to the medical elite of the respective country
  • Experience with invasive & non-invasive interventions and complex study logistics
  • Ability to perform intensive PK/PD schedules with (long) hospitalization
  • Strong reputation for safety and quality

Working with ARENSIA leads to increased efficiency by shortening recruitment time while the number of involved sites/countries can be reduced. This translates into considerable cost savings for the SPONSOR  at overall project level.


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Recruitment rates in completed multicenter trials: ARENSIA vs. competitor average

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