Phase 1 trials in special patient populations

ARENSIA offers exceptional fast recruitment rates for renal and hepatic impaired patients.

At our Phase 1 units in we access:
-    over 2.000 patients with hepatic impairment Child Pugh A, B and C
-    over 3.000 patients with mild, moderate, severe renal impairment
(incl. End Stage Renal Disease patients; with or without dialysis).

We routinely perform 2 to 3 such trials in parallel at our units.

The typical recruitment rates for a Phase 1 trial with either renal or hepatic impaired patients are as follows:
-    2 to 4 patients per week with mild and moderate insufficiency
-    1 to 2 patients per week with severe insufficiency

At all our units we recruit healthy subjects as control group. Based on a concrete study concept we are glad to offer you a detailed feasibility (incl. the related estimated budget and timelines).



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