Facilities & Therapeutic Areas

ARENSIA offers to Sponsors exceptional fast recruitment rates for numerous types of patient populations in 8 clinical pharmacology units:

4 units in Bucharest, Romania focusing on respiratory, cardiology/metabolics, immunology, oncology, heamatology, nephrology, gastro-intestinal, infectious diseases (HCV/HBV/HIV), neurology, dermatology, selected pediatrics.

3 units in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova focusing on immunology, diabetes/metabolic, cardiovascular, gastroenterology, urology, nephrology, dermatology, ophtamology, hepatology, infectious diseases (HCV/HBV), psychiatry and oncology/heamatology.

1 unit in Tbilisi, Georgia focusing on oncology/heamatology, immunology, neurology, infectious diseases, dermatology, cardiology/metabolics.

1 unit in Kiev, Ukraine focusing on oncology/heamatology, immunology, cardiology/metabolics,  gastroenterology, neurology, ophtamology,  dermatology, gynaecology, dermatology, allegology.

These are dedicated, hospital-based sites specialized to perform high quality exploratory clinical development studies.

What makes ARENSIA special is not only the extensive medical and clinical pharmacology experience and the guaranteed, fast recruitment of challenging patient populations but also the fact that the studies are performed in dedicated Phase 1 facilities by our own trained full time Phase 1 study physicians.

While performing our studies exclusively in patients we offer a Phase 1 set-up which is similar to the one used for healthy volunteer studies in Western Europe or US. We enroll healthy volunteers only as matching groups for studies in patients with hepatic or renal impairment.


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